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About #TicketForward

#TicketForward is centered around giving inspiring people in our communities access to the joy of live events. Built upon scientific research that shows that live events increase happiness – and even life spans(!), – since the start of the program, we’ve granted 150+ experiences to people who are going above and beyond to help others, have endured difficult circumstances, or are just plain inspiring. Join us in our mission to find and reward inspiring people in our communities.

Recent recipients include a woman who lost her home in the California wildfires, a domestic abuse survivor, and an individual who opened a boxing gym for underprivileged youth in his community.

Why live experiences matter

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Our Commitment and Impact

Established in 2012, the StubHub Foundation—a corporate-advised fund of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation—provides grants to organizations that share our mission and help us send deserving people to live events, every day.